Homesudha Multi Purpose Cleaner

Indications / Uses of Homesudha

  • This product is Eco-friendly.
  • This multi-purpose Products is used in Floor, Tiles, furniture & as Dishwasher it can’t Damage.
  • Our hand & make it Mild & gentle.
  • This multi-purpose cleaner leaves dishes sparkling clean & film free.
  • It’s Ideal for cleaning heavily encrusted pots & pans, it has the power to cut through the toughest grease.
  • It is specifically designed for residences, supermarket, institutional & restaurant use where fast grease emulsification & lasting suds are a must.
  • It Made for 100% customer satisfaction, we are instrumental in manufacturing & exporting of multipurpose Quickly removes baked on food, grease from pots.
  • Our Multipurpose Cleaner is highly appreciated among our clients for their accurate composition, extensive cleaning action & zero side effects while washing.
  • Our Multipurpose Products clean soap water, marks from mirror, tiles, furniture etc. it Cleans Black thick line of dirt & grime between tiles & corners.
  • It safe, concentrated, liquid detergent is great for lifting grime, cutting through grease and removing stains without scratching or marking any surfaces.
  • Our non- abrasive formula is mild & soften and condition your hands.