Cattlesudha Powder

Excellent solution for common problems in Animals

Indications / Uses of Cattlesudha

  • Enhances immune system in animals
  • Improves Mastitis
  • Improves Brucellosis
  • Protect against viral infections like foot and mouth disease
  • Improves Digestion, improves diet and also improve weight of Animals
  • Improves fertility rate in Animals
  • Reduces bad odor of Animal Urine
  • 25 % proven rise in milking and 20 % rise in milk fat & SNF


  • 1 Spoon (4 gms) twice a day in Camel, Elephant, Cow, Buffalo, Bullock, Horse etc.
  • ½ spoon (2 gms) twice a day in Dog, cat, rabbit, hen etc