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Congratulations to ASP Director Dr. Arvind Singh Panwar

Its Privilege to Announce that, Dr. Arvind Singh Panwar, MD,  Director of Add Shop Promotions Pvt. Ltd.   was elected  as a National Spokesperson and Member of National Advisory Board of AIMSA (All India Medical Student Association ) Delhi, India Declared on 31st October 2016.

The World Record of most village assemblies addressed by a differently- abled person


Most Assemblies Addressed by a Differently - Abled Person.

The World Record of ‘most village assemblies addressed by a differently- abled person’ has been achieved by Mr. Dinesh Pandya from Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Till Aug. 20, 2016; Mr. Pandya a visually Challenged entrepreneur has addressed more than One Thousand Two Hundred (1200) village assemblies across India and turned thousands of farmers towards organic farming. 

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