Unique herbal remedy for female ailments

Indications / Uses of Narisudha

  • To balance Female hormone level
  • To control manifestations of Menopause
  • To control hot flushes, osteoporosis and emotional fluctuation in females
  • To control any kind of menstrual irregularities
  • To manage Dysmenorrhea (Painful menstruation) or Menorrhagia
  • To control DUB (Uterine Bleeding)
  • To control Pre menstrual Syndrome(PMT ) in girls
  • Useful in conditions like hysterectomy, Tubectomy, anaemia and severe weakness
  • To relieve stress and anxiety in females
  • For growth of Female reproductive organs
  • In case of Female Infertility
  • To control (Leucorrhea) white discharge in female
  • All ailments of female


  • 2 capsules twice or thrice a day alone or with cold milk or with cold water or as directed by the physician.