Addshop Promotions Pvt. Ltd. World's Greatest Opportunity

About Company

Today we are presenting Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd with a new dimension and detail. Establishment of Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd is a thought of our directors, who are not only specialized but are very experienced in their fields.
Friends it is said that when the experts meet, they try out something new. The same way when our directors met, they established a company on 20 August 2013, “Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd.”, in Rajkot city of Gujarat state, whose only motto is “Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous India”.

Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd has its 4 manufacturing units, 6 service centers and 4 registered offices out of which two of them are in Rajkot, one in surat and other in Ahmedabad. Besides these, the company also has GMP, ISO, FDA, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) Certification. Read more

Gausudha Cow Colostrum

In all Infectious Diseases as it contains Immunoglobulin
For Body growth as it contains all Vitamins and Nutrients
Anti-ageing as it stops ageing process
For Immunity and Stamina in children, Youth and Older
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Vaytogra For Men Power

To cure Loss of Libido & to Enhance Masculine Power
For excellent improvement in the Erectile Dysfunction
To control Premature Ejaculation
To improve Spermatogenesis and Sperm motility
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Shlimsudha Fastest Slimming Concept

To Reduce Obesity & Overweight
To Improve Muscle mass in the body
To Reduce LDL i.e. Bad Cholesterol in the body
To Enhance HDL i.e. Good Cholesterol in the body

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Narisudha For Female Ailments

To balance Hormonal Level in Females
To control manifestations of Menopause i.e. Hot flushes, Osteoporosis & Depression
To manage PMT in Girls, DUB, Menorrhagia & Dysmenorrhoea
To take care of Leucorrhea, Anemia, and other Ailments of Female
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Satayu Nutritional Anti Ageing Syrup

Anti Ageing Agent. For long (>100 Yrs) Healthy Life
Relieves all the Ailments of CVS i.e. High BP, Angina, MI etc
Cure all the Ailments of CNS i.e. Dementia, CP, Parkinsonism etc
Improve Digestion and Enzyme Secretion
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Cattlesudha Animal Feed Suppliment

Enhances Immune System in Animals
Improves Mastitis and Brucellosis
Protect against Viral Infections like Foot Mouth Disease
Improves Digestion, Diet and also Improve Weight of Animals
Improves Fertility Rate in Animals
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Necharsudha Tridosh Modulator

Basically it is a Tridosh i.e. Vatta, Pitta, Kafa Modulator
Antioxidant and Anti ageing agent.
Improve Digestion and cure all the ailments of GIT
Helps in curing Diabetes, Arthritis , Asthma, Skin Diseases & Cancer
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Madhusudha for blood sugar

Helps in Controlling Blood Sugar in Patients of NIDDM
Prevent insulin resistance in IDDM
Cure Diabetic foot and venous ulcers
Prevent Peripheral Neuropathy & Cure Loss of Libido due to DM

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Bhoomisudha for soil fertility

Enhances Natural Immune System of the Plants
Promotes Healthy Growth in Plants
Enhances production, Quality and quantity of the Crop
Enhances Nutritional Value of cultivating soil.
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