Company Profile

World's Greatest Opportunity

Today we are presenting Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd with a new dimension and detail. Establishment of Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd is a thought of our directors, who are not only specialized but are very experienced in their fields.

Friends it is said that when the experts meet, they try out something new. The same way when our directors met, they established a company on 20 August 2013, “Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd.”, in Rajkot city of Gujarat state, whose only motto is “Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous India”.

Addshop Promotions Pvt Ltd has its 4 manufacturing units, 6 service centers and 4 registered offices out of which two of them are in Rajkot, one in surat and other in Ahmedabad. Besides these, the company also has GMP, ISO, FDA, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) Certification.

Today the problem prevailing in India and world over is to remain disease free. Our youngsters will be able to earn more if they remain healthy. The main thought of our four directors is to make the entire world healthy. Our directors thought that, world over there is continuous rise in the number of diseases. People are suffering from new diseases. Our medical science has advanced much yet there prevails new disease each time which have left behind our medical science and technology.

Our Addshop directors were thinking how to overcome this problem and how they can make the world disease-free. “If our desire is strong then success will be achieved definitely.”

This has become our slogan now “Give us your support and we will give you success”. Through this Addshop we will make the whole world ours and will work for the welfare of the world.

About Directors

Mr. Dinesh Pandya
• He has been Ex. Director of WWI and Codial Merchandise India Ltd.
• He is working from last 10 years as Marketing consultant Advisor.
• He has trained various sales person of HDFC Bank, ICICI bank and LIC
• He has been awarded for National Award “Creating Employment as a Blind Person” in 2014.
• He has been awarded for “Best Businessman in History of Blind” in 2011 by the government of Gujarat.
• Khadi and Gramya commission India has awarded him with the “Best Manufacturing Unit”.
• He has manufacturing units from last 20 years of Ayurvedic medicine, Organic fertilizer and Animal feed. In that trading and import-export is also carried out.
• He has been awarded by District Agri unit as “Best Canvassed in Organic Farming”.
• He has conducted more than 1000 Gram shibir with farmer in all over India.

Mr Mansukh Suhagiya
• He has 10 years experience of network marketing industry.
• He has worked in many companies of India and has reached top level positions.
• Many people in India of different caste, state have earned much through him.
• He has developed thousands of leaders in network industry.

Mr Kanubhai Patel
• He is an industrialist and has 30 years of experience in machinery and business in all over India.

Because, we have this Intelligent Directors, the world will surely become disease free.

Friends, Addshop directors have promised for the disease free world. Studying through the various medicinal treatment procedures world over, our directors found that all different treatment procedures are based only on one single treatment procedure. This treatment procedure is famous through ancient times and it is also known as the fifth ved, Ayurveda. We are all aware about Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the only ved which is not only about the present disease but also about future disease. Ayurveda is the ved, from which we can be disease free completely.

Ayurvedic treatment procedures generally lie with the usage of medicinal plants. These medicinal plants are obtained through our mother nature so possibility of occurrence of any “Reaction” does not remain. By the use of medicinal plants, the healthy person remains healthy and an ill person become free from his illness.

Using the expensive Ayurvedic medicines, Addshop is utilizing its advanced technology and making products in its own manufacturing unit. Addshop has very advanced machinery and it never compromises in its Quality. We want these products to reach all over the world and want to make this world Healthy.

So come on friends let us all together make this country and world Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous!